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Are you looking for air conditioning repair or installation services in Palm Bay? Tony’s Cooling and Heating, Inc. is committed to providing a high-quality AC repair and installation services across Brevard county. When you choose to hire Tony’s Cooling, you are choosing a team that’s dedicated to keeping your home cool and covering all your air conditioning needs. Whether you have a central AC, a packaged HVAC unit, a ductless system, a heat pump, or a geothermal system we can help repair or service your system. We want to help keep you cool and comfortable during the hot Florida weather. We can help in multiple ways from expert installations on new energy-efficient systems to helping you simply understand how to adjust your thermostat. Have an older system that needs an upgrade? Call us to learn how you can upgrade to one of our more energy efficient options. We can recommend top systems we trust for your unique needs. We are always honest with you about what type of AC repairs you may need. Call today to schedule AC repair or installation in Palm Bay, FL.



Looking for a central air conditioning system that will keep you and your family cool, but not sure where to start? Take a look at the different systems we offer and install for our customers in the Palm Bay, FL area:

  • Central AC – Central split-system air conditioning systems have both indoor and outdoor units. These units circulate refrigerant between each other to absorb heat from inside the home and move it outdoors. The cool air is then moved inside the home using a blower fan.

  • Heat Pumps – Similar to central air conditioner units, heat pumps have valves that allow refrigerant to reverse. This removes heat from the air throughout the house, and can also bring the heat indoors during the winter for energy efficient heating in your home.

  • Ductless Systems – These systems move heat in and out of the home with heat pump technology. The benefit of these systems is they don’t need ducts to move air throughout your home. Rather, air blows directly from an air handler which is mounted on the wall.

  • Geothermal Heating and Cooling – A Geothermal system is more efficient than using heat from the air. Instead, it uses earth’s heat energy to move heat into rooms of your home.


We provide high-quality and professional air conditioner services for Palm Bay residential AC systems of all types. There’s nothing we haven’t seen! View our available services below and give us a call:

  • AC Installation/Replacement – We offer quality AC installation and replacement services. If you’re not sure which unit to choose we can help you get the right unit. We’ll handle everything for you from measurements to installing and adjusting the system to work at the highest efficiency.

  • AC Repair – Need your AC fixed fast? We also offer 24/7  emergency services. Give us a call and our certified HVAC specialist will come to your home to fix your broken AC unit.

  • AC Maintenance – It’s important to keep your AC system maintenance properly to run at the highest efficiency. Our AC maintenance services provide you complete inspections, performance improvements, and discounts on parts and services.  When you join our maintenance program you also get the benefit of saving money on service calls.

  • Thermostats – When it’s time to replace a thermostat we have a range of thermostats to fit your needs. These include the latest smart house thermostats that can be controlled remotely from your mobile phone and tablet devices.

  • Zone Control Systems – Looking to give rooms their own temperature? We can install thermostats and a control system to control the temperature in different rooms of your home, so everyone in the home can be happy and comfortable.


Call Tony’s Cooling and Heating, Inc. today to schedule air conditioning service in Palm Bay, FL, or the surrounding areas of Brevard County!

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