In need of AC Repair in Palm Bay FL or the surrounding areas of Brevard? We all know Florida and the Palm Bay area can get pretty warm, especially during the summer. That’s why keeping your house nice and cool with a working AC is crucial. If your AC has stopped working we can help!

Maintaining your air conditioning system keeps it in the best working condition, but sometimes things go wrong through general usage and it can stop cooling your home or stop working altogether. If your air conditioner has stopped working, give us a call today and we can give you an estimate on repairing your air conditioner in Palm Bay and any surrounding areas of Brevard county.



If your air conditioner hasn’t fully stopped working, it may still need some repairs. Many times it’s best to be pre-emptive to prevent your AC from fully breaking down and needing a more expensive repair. We’ve created a list of tips to help you determine if your AC may need a repair:

  • Is your power bill increasing? – If you’ve started to notice an increase in your power bill this could mean your AC is not working properly. Even though it may be running, it doesn’t mean it is cooling your home properly and may actually be costing you money every month.

  • Are you hearing odd sounds? – If you’re hearing strange sounds coming from your AC system such as grinding or banging this could mean your air conditioner needs some maintenance. Since this could mean a number of things, it’s best to get a certified HVAC technician to take a look and let you know what may be wrong.

  • Does your AC have short cycles? – If your air conditioner is running short intervals this could be an issue and may cause damage to the system. It’s best to get it checked if you are not sure and feel it may be having issues before the AC breaks down completely.

  • Is your AC not cooling your home? If you’re AC is blowing hot or warm air instead of cold, this could mean a variety of things. There could be dirty cooling coils, a refrigerant leak, blocked condenser unit, a dirty air filter, compressor issues, improper thermostat settings or the entire system may need to be replaced. It’s best to have a technician come in and check to let you know what’s wrong so you can have it repaired and have a cool home again in no time.

  • Are some areas of your home hotter than others?  If you have certain rooms or areas that are warmer than others and not cooling down when the air conditioner is running this could be a problem with your air ducts. This is also a sign of possible malfunctions in other components. Contact us and we can send one of our technicians out to check and let you know.


Even if your AC hasn’t broken down completely, it’s best to avoid putting off repairs until the last minute. Simply having a technician come out and take a look can save you thousands in repairs or needing to replace the entire system.

Get in contact with us today if you think there may be a problem. With many years of experience, Tony’s Cooling and Heating, Inc. has proven that we are a top choice HVAC company in Palm Bay to call when you need your AC fixed fast and with the highest quality. Contact us today and one of our certified technicians will inspect your air conditioning system to diagnose any issues and get your home cooled again in no time.

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